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Hôtel La Fontaine

Situé sur la place d'Olette (3, rue de la Fusterie), il met à votre disposition des chambres d'hôtes.

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Hôtel La Fontaine

La Tour de guet

Située sur les hauteurs de la RD 4 qui mène à Evol, c'est vraisemblablement une Tour de guet du XIVème siècle.

From the Roman road to the Cannon road

From the Roman road to the Cannon road

Via Confleuentana

This bridge is probably located on the route of the Via Confluentana, a Roman road which ran from Illiberris (Elne), up the valley of the Têt which it then left to join the Col de la Perche. In September 1777 (the date is inscribed on the pillar of the bridge), the renovation and extension of this structure was carried out under the responsibility of Pierre Poeydavant, general subdelegate of the province of Roussillon and the land of Foix.

The Battle of Olette  (28th August to 3rd September  1793) and the strategic Cannon Path

Between Mont-Louis and Olette, on the soulane of the Haut-Conflent, there is a path which was born out of a historical event:  the Battle of Olette. It is called the Path of the Cannons. It served to win a decisive battle for the French army, waged  by General Luc Siméon Auguste Dagoberte de Fontenille, against the Spanish army of General Ricardos to win back Olette and Villefranche-de-Conflentand prevent him from reaching Mont-Louis.

This fine strategist, in order to surprise the Spaniards who were based in the Têt valley, had a discreet road constructed at night through the forest of the Llançades leaving from Mont-Louis, which enabled him to place cannons carried by oxen up above Olette and bombard the Spanish square. The surprise was total. The French troops then descended to the assault of the town, driving the Spaniards out. The road was opened. The fortified town of Villefranche-de-Conflent fell just after (4th September  1793).

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